Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Importance of Makeup Setting Spray

Hey guys, what’s up? How are you all doing. You know, in our daily makeup routine we skip quite a lot of steps and that’s absolutely okay. But, we tend to skip a pretty important step. I’m talking about using a makeup setting spray at the end. Most of us don’t even care about it. But, it can change your whole makeup game and I’m going to tell you why is it so important.

Importance of setting spray:

· Seal the deal: Makeup setting spray usually sets your make up for the entire day and your make up won’t crease, smudge or move and fade away. Hence, it pretty much seals the deal.

· Hydrates:Makeup Setting Spray usually comes in a form of mist or Spray. This also helps in keeping your skin hydrated for a long time.

· Controls Greasiness: A lot of time our face starts to turn oily and it make the makeup look bad. Makeup Setting Sprays also controls the Greasiness and keeps that extra oiliness in check.

· Fix your make up: I Don’t know if I’m the only one who has this opinion but I feel like setting sprays can fix your makeup mistakes. For example, if you apply a little more foundation than you need and then you spray some setting spray on your skin, And then by pushing that with a sponge will get rid of the excess foundation. That’s what I feel works for me. Also, it can oomph up your highlighter.

· Quick eyebrows: Yes, sometimes I do this. When I’m in a hurry and I just want to get my eyebrows done quickly, I spray a little setting spray on an angular brush and apply it on my eyebrows. That helps them to stay in place for the entire day.

· Refresher: Well yes, you can carry that in your bag and spritz it on your face whenever you feel like. This will not only make you feel fresh but increase the longevity of your makeup as well.

So, that’s just a few points how important a setting spray is. Even if you are not wearing a lot of makeup just use a setting spray. If you want to get some amazing setting sprays at a reasonable price then you should definitely check out . They have some amazing spray at a pretty good price. Grab them before they are out of stock.

By Airene

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