Monday, November 19, 2018

Winter Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

Hey guys, what’s up? Hope all of you are doing fine. The weather has been quite on the cooler side since few days and we already know that winter is approaching. Yayyy!! As much as I love winter, I hate the fact that my skin becomes drastically dry. Putting makeup on top of that is nothing but a nightmare. I know people who faces the same issue as me but wants to put on makeup and look glamorous. So, here I’m to the rescue with some amazing tips which will not only help you put your makeup smoothly but will also make it long lasting.

Tips and tricks:

·       Hydration is the key: This is the most important step in every season. No matter what, you need to keep your skin hydrated. Drink lots of water and use a moisturizer which is meant for dry skin. Invest in good skincare. This will make you glow from within and make your makeup long-lasting.

·       Use a primer: Now, we tend to skip primer a lot throughout the year, but for dry skin people it’s a must. If you have pores then use a pore-filling primer as pores tend to show a lot when your skin is dry. If you don’t have pores then use a simple primer. It’ll provide a smooth canvas for your makeup and will also act as a protective barrier between your makeup and skin.

·       Choose your base products carefully: This can be a tricky part during the winters. Choosing the right foundation, concealer and compact for dry skin during the winters is a task. So, go for foundations which is not matte and will provide you a nice glow. But if you want to use a matte foundation then mix it with some facial oils or serums. This will do the job perfectly. For setting your base use a lightweight compact and simple swirl it throughout your face instead of concentrating on one area.

·       Stick to cream products: Try to use cream products like creameyeshadow, cream base, cream contour etc. If not cream products then use cream bases and set it with your powder products. This will make the makeup last even longer. It’ll also not dry out the skin.

·       Remove your makeup before going to bed: This is definitely the most important thing to do in every season. Remove your makeup before going to bed so that it doesn’t make your skin look bad. Use coconut oil or Olive oil for best results.

That’s it folks! Some simple steps yet they can make a lot of difference in your makeup routine. You can find some amazing stuffs at to incorporate it into your routine and make the necessary changes. They have the best price and products go out of stock pretty soon. So, grab them before they are gone.

By Airene

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