Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Why to Choose Soy Protein?

To get a fit and healthy body, a wholesome diet is the most important thing. Our diet style decides what are the components that we are in-taking in our body. Protein is one of the major components that we have to consume on a daily basis.

Importance of Protein in our Body

Our body uses protein for the better functioning of bones, muscles, cartilages, tissues and blood. In fact proteins can be termed as the building blocks of the various organs and parts of our body. 

Sources of Protein

Cheese, egg, meat, milk, lentils, soy etc are the most common sources of proteins.

What is Soy Protein?

Soy protein is obtained from soybean by defattening and dehulling soybeans. It is the best form of plant protein.

Why to choose Soy?

Soy is considered to be the best source of plant protein. According to modern reseatch intaking plant protein can be good for cardiovascular health. To know more about the goodness of Soy Protein, here are the benefits listed:

1. Rich in Nutrients: It can well be described as a wholesome food with every required nutrition. In fact no other food can provide so much nutrition alone. 

2. High in Protein content: Soy is rich in protein and less in carbs. While other sources high proteins like dairy or meat are full in Saturated fats, Soy is unsaturated and cholesterol-free.

3. Good for Digestion: Soy has nutritionally valuable carb that is helpful to nourish the good intestinal bacteria.

4. Diabates friendly: Soy has a lesser possibility to trigger insulin. So it can be safely consumed by diabates patients.

5. Less cholesterol: Soy ensures less cholesterol. 50 g of soy protein reduces cholesterol by 12%

6. For lactose intolerant individual: Those who are intolerant to lactose will find their replacement in soy milk.

The importance of Soy Protein is manyfold. Recently I gained so much knowledge about the importance of Soy at a blogger's meet organized by Du pont. It was very insightful and I am sure I would be including Soy in my diet for a healthier and better living.

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