Friday, March 22, 2019

I am a Mom, and I Don’t Know it All

As a teenager, I used to watch television commercials, which portrayed the mother almost like a superhero who knows exactly what the entire family wants without anyone expressing themselves. I too aspired to be this superhero when I became a mother. However, I realized that it is not very easy, and it is definitely not possible to know everything.

For centuries, society has stereotyped mother as the ultimate caregiver. This pressurizes them to believe that they should know it all. A mother reprimands herself if misses on a sign and is constantly gripped with the fear of failure and being judged.

At times, the society fails to understand that we mothers too are normal human beings with our own limitations. There are times when we don’t exactly know when our children feel hungry or what therapy to follow when they have a stomach pain.  We learn from our experiences, our surroundings, our mistakes and of course by asking others. So, if I am asking other mothers how to potty train my child, it does not show my ignorance, but my willingness to learn from other moms, who probably have been in my shoes and can share helpful tips. No one knows it all, and instead of criticizing the mother it is a chance for the family to support her in the journey of raising her child well.

Monday, March 11, 2019

5 Reasons to Choose Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion SPF 50+ PH5.5

In India, there are very limited option when it comes to sunscreens for babies. Only a very few brands actually has a sunscreen that is specially meant for babies. I often used to think about this before as it is so common for us to see so many brands are coming up with their baby care ranges, most of them rarely come out with a sunscreen. A baby’s skin is much more sensitive and tender and sun exposure can cause havoc to their skin actually. But if we apply sunscreens that are meant for us on their soft skin, it can be too harsh. However, I am glad that still there are brands like Sebamed who actually has thought about this and has the Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion SPF 50+

As I said, there are other baby care brands who has their own version of sunscreens for babies, Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion SPF 50+ is definitely one of a kind. Let us discuss how it ranks over other baby sunscreens.

World’s Pioneer of pH5.5
Sebamed is one of the topmost and best-selling Baby care brands in the world. Originated in Germany, their products are formulated to be so gentle that they can be used on the baby from its very first day. A newborn baby’s skin pH level is 7 which a normal healthy skin is pH5.5, which suggests that their skin is more towards alkaline and the acidic mantle that protects the skin has not been developed entirely. So any product that is not pH5.5 can be harmful for their tender and delicate skin. But a product that is pH5.5 like Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion SPF 50+, can increase the skin’s cell regeneration and protects it forming a barrier to the baby’s sensitive skin.

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