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Get a Luminous You with Jeunesse Luminesce

Hey beautifuls, its been long that I have written something for you guys. Recently I had posted a video on my Instagram about my daytime skincare with Jeunesse Global India's Luminesce Range of products. And a lot of you had asked me the details about the products and my regime. So here it goes.

About Jeunesse Global India:

Jeunesse Global is a renowned high end wellness and beauty brand and have started in India very recently. They have wellness products and skincare lines for addressing different concerns specifically related to ageing.

About Jeunesse Luminesce Range: 

Luminesce is an anti-ageing skincare line from Jeunesse that promises to restore youthful vitality and radiance to the skin. The products are Dermatologist developed, these hydrating formulas include the exclusive, proprietary APT-200, maintaining younger, smoother, and softer looking skin.

My skincare routine with Jeunesse Luminesce:

I have been very open about my obsession about serious skincare and how dedicated I am towards it. Since I have promised myself to never say yes to knives and needles, I made myself sure to taking ample care of my skin through ample hydration and suncare once I turned 30. Jeunesse Luminesce has opened a new avenue to a healthier skin for me.

The products I use for my daytime skincare routine are:

1. Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser: 
Price: Rs. 3390

It has very gentle exfoliating beads that helps in removing dead skin cells and reveal a fresher and youthful skin without ripping off the skin's natural moisture.

Tips: This is a great cleanser to practice the 1 minute cleansing technique because of its gentle and non-drying consistency. 1 minute cleansing helps to deep cleanse skin and take out all gunks from it.

2. Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum:
Price: Rs. 8990

Cell renewal is probably the most important factor that combats skin ageing. This silky textured serum is a great way to ensure the skin's youthful lustre by making it softer and plumper.

Tips: This can be used as a night time hydrating product for it to work better.

3. Luminesce Flawless Skin Brightener:
Price: Rs. 9290

This has to be my favourite and is quite a magic in a bottle. The pearlescant gel is absorbed quickly revealing an instantly brightened and flawless skin with smoothened texture and amazing radiance.

Tips: This can be used as a primer under foundation or even worn alone with just concealer to cover up.

4. Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex: 
Price: Rs. 5290

This moisturizer is the final step to my daycare routine that provides hydration with sun protection.

Tips: You can mix it with your foundation or BB Cream for a nice radiance.

You can get your hands on the Jeunesse Luminesce Skincare Range from here

It may be expensive but its a one time investment and you are guaranteed to get a flawless, luminous and youthful looking skin. If you one to invest in just one product get the Flawless Skin Brightener and see the difference for yourself. 


  1. This brand and this product are completely new to me. After reading your experience, I think it is worth checking out.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  2. I would like to try their reguveneting serum. I feel like my skin is aging already. 🙈😅 Is it discounts??

  3. The brand seems really expensive but if the products work for you, it night be worth checking out. If not all, I would like to look into the serum as I don't mind spending more on treatment serums.

  4. Effective to bahut hai per bahut expencexpbhi hai, can't afford (

  5. These products look really good! I know the products you like are always effective! I would love to try these, especially the cleanser!

  6. I have heard about the brand but never realized that they have so many products in their portfolio.

  7. Wow, the brand seems so luxurious. I love the packaging. Although definitely never heard about this brand before but it seems very promising and I'm looking forward to give it a try.

  8. I happened to be at the launch of this brand in India last year. It definitely sounds like a great brand. Haven't gotten a chance to try it yet. Thanks for all the details .

  9. These products look really nice!I m
    Ur constant follower of instgram , now here also 🤗❣️ . Trust ur words. I would love to try these, products.

  10. This one sure is a luxe product. I've never invested this much on beauty products ever. But must say you are a sticker of good beauty regimen and have an for the best.

  11. stickler* and have an eye for the best. please excuse my typos

  12. Wow, this brand is luxurious and worth trying once though it's a bit costly. for skin doesn't matter

  13. Thank you for introducing to a new brand. There range look impressive.

  14. Although I have not heard of this brand earlier...but your complete review is surely gonna push me to try this one!

  15. You have introduce this brand to me . I was unaware of it . It look so promising products. I love to try them out

  16. I was unaware of the brand and products. Seems they are worth a check.

  17. The products look so luxurious and rich in ingredients. Would love to try them, though I've never heard of the brand.

  18. Wow..a super premium brand.. quite expensive but am sure the quality is of that level too.wld give a one time try

  19. Quite expensive... Hope if the prices will come down then can think of trying it out... 😜

  20. This brand is new to me, and it looks quite expensive skin care products for me.

  21. never heard about thsi brand. also the pricing is a bit on higher side. nonetheless your review sounds promising!

  22. well results are quite clear on your skin.. i never knew about this brand

  23. Loved the review, it definitely looks like it worked well on your skin. I am intrigued o try these soon.

  24. This product seems promising. Thanks for sharing the review , can see the results clearly on your skin


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