Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My Skincare Journey with Rzizhi

Hey beautifuls, I have been living under a burrow for more than 2 months and all these while I have been concentrating only on me and myself. I have been taking care of myself like never before with the right way of skincare and exercise. But I really missed you all and decided to be back in action. Throughout these 2 months I have been using skincare products from Rzizhi, a cruelty-free handmade  luxury skincare brand.

About Rzizhi

The word Zizhi means "homemade" in Mandarin. RZizhi skin care products are made with love and care at home with fresh ingredients. They like to call their skin care range as treatment rather than cosmetic.

About Rzizhi Products

I have been using these bundle of joys from Rzizhi for the last 2 months and I am quite obsessed by the goodness the range possesses. The products have been specially formulated for my dry skin type. That is one of the specialties of the brand where they adjust and determine the formulation of each product according to the need of the individual.

1. Rub,Rub,Rub! Rs. 600 for 100g

This is a physical scrub for both face and body. It is made with 3 salts- Dead Sea, Epsom and Hiamlayan Pink Salts along with various herbs. Now as par current global beauty standards physical exfoliation has been getting quite the hatred in recent times. I too had been avoiding it for sometime now but this scrub changed my thought process. The scrub has large salt grains but since they are soaked in an ample of exotic oils, they are very gentle and moisturizing for the skin.

I have been using it every night as a cleanser and my skin looks fresher and youthful without any damage or tear. The skin feels so smooth and soft after I use this.

2. Mother Earth Rs. 600 for 100 g

The initial experience with this clay mask can be a bit confusing as for me, I had noticed extreme redness after removing the pack and when I informed that to the brand they said it is a sign that the pack is working for me and the redness is an indication that my body is full of toxins. 

The redness is caused due to increased blood circulation. So now I thoroughly follow the instructions and find out that it is working absolutely fine for me.

3. Aurum 24K Rs. 699 for 10 ml

This is such a fabulous product Rzizhi has come out with. Frankly for those who like it simple this can be your one stop go for your skincare need. It is a 24 k gold serum that can be applied on skin every morning and night. What is best is you do not require a sunscreen on top even if you are going out. This superb oil consists of lemon oil, jojoba oil and orange oil along with 24k gold. It is the main reason my pigmentation is at bay for these 2 months. 

There are absolutely zero spots on my face now. I can strongly vouch for this product. If there is only 1 thing you want to try from Rzizhi, go for this.

4. Blue Mind Potion

It is a beautiful looking minty blue body butter made with one of the most uncommon ingredients, the Butterfly Blue Pea Flower. I consider it as the one product you need to give glass skin. Although it is a body butter, I have been using it safely as a facial day moisturizer along with the Aurum 24K on top. It has left my skin with utmost radiance and softness. 

The Body butter has calming properties that is supposed to leave you relaxed. So it can be used before going to bed to get a good night sleep.

5. Goblet of Wine Rs. 1099 for 50 ml

It is the fountain of youth with red wine being the main ingredient along with herbs and aloe vera juice. This lightweight serum has to be used at night after coconut oil. Since I am not a fan of coconut oil, I apply the Aurum 24k instead.

This product takes its time to show its effect. In the beginning I was not able to find any difference of what the product is supposed to do. Then slowly I realized how slowly and steadily it has been working its way on my skin by making my pores and fine lines fade. The lines around my eyes while smiling look quite lighter nowadays. This is the beauty of this product. 

My Experience with Rzizhi

I am so impressed by this skin care routine that I want to continue it for sometime now. All the products are just wonderful. I did not get any allergies, breakouts or irritation. As instructed I have stored most of the products inside the refrigerator.

My favourite products from Rzizhi are Blue Mind Potion and Aurum 24K. You can contact them on Instagram here or Facebook here to purchase their products.


  1. How nice of you to take care of yourself. Will check the clay mask. Cruelty-free handmade products must be supported.

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  4. Taking care of yourself is really important, I am really happy to know these products are cruelty free ..going to check out this brand

  5. I like the ingredients in these skin care products. Goblet of Wine and Aurum sound interesting and would like to try them out. Glad that these beauty products worked so well for you. Thanks for your recommendation.

  6. I really want to try them. I like using such cruelty free products for my skincare.

  7. Hope sab kuch thik hai 🤗🤗
    Accha kiya jo aapne self care kiya 👍👍
    Products to promising dikh rahy hain 😍😍

  8. I would like to try the mother earth mask, since i love using clay masks! :)

  9. Taking care of the skin is very important, I am glad you are taking good care of your skin. I love the ingredients in these skin care products, i would love to try out Mother Earth

  10. Blue Mind Potion looks promising to me, I am a huge fan of body butter. Let me give this one a shot.

  11. I was quite impressed with the products after reading your review on Instagram. This post has strengthened my wish to buy them.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  12. Taking care of your skin is really important , really happy to see now brands are coming up with cruelty free products. I am surely going to check out this one.

  13. Impressed with the way you've reviewed the products. Getting back to brands with doubts and clarifying them for us too is indeed very thoughtful.

  14. I have never heard of this brand but the products look so good. The range seems to have many options. Will check these out for myself too.

  15. I would surely love to try Aurum 24 k and the rub rub body scrub. They sound so effective.

  16. Skin care products are something I feel need to only used when you really believe in that ...These look great one and I always follow your reviews when comes to beauty...Thanks for sharing this

  17. Is this a Chinese beauty product or Korean?
    I would like to use the Blue mind potion

    1. It is absolutely an Indian product. The name is Mandarin though. Blue Mind Potion is my favourite.

  18. I liked the bath salt will definately try it for sure in some time.

  19. These looks like a great set of products, The brand is new to me, glad you suggested this, I am gonna try them soon

  20. Seems like a great product, home ingredient that so wonderful. no chemical to harm our skin

  21. Earnestly I have heard about this brand for the first time buddy but I really liked your review and give it a try

  22. I didn't hear about this skincare product before. I always prefer herbal products for my skin. This also seems very good.

  23. Hey Jhilmil, I missed reading your posts and watching your videos. A big hug and welcome back. I love the scrub mainly because it contains the pink salt. I use the salt in my bath water, it is said to bring positive vibes. Will check the scrub for sure.

  24. Wow, these products from Rzizhi seems to be amazing. Yes I loved Aurum and even the scrub, would love to give it a try for a beautiful skin.

  25. wow these are great products you are using. The 24k gold serum looks great. Would love to try these out.

  26. This brand looks nice and safe for skin to try. I would like to try the gold serum.

  27. RZizhi range of products seem to be formulated keeping in mind the needs of the customers, nice to see that they are good for dry skin. Best thing is that they are all based on traditional and home made processes.

  28. Very interesting ya... Especially that scrub and goblet of wine I'm quite curious to try. Thanks for sharing

  29. I was looking for some body scrub and today I came to read this post. These products are looking great and ingredients looks so natural, would love to give it a try.

  30. Although the brand may be new or I have heard it for the first time but the range of products is really great


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