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5 Reasons why We should Binge Watch Mentalhood on ZEE5

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While I am not much into Television and exactly not get myself updated about the contents it has, recently I was reintroduced to it in a new way, when one of my friends recommended me to watch the new series on ZEE5 Originals called Mentalhood. The name by itself garnered so much interest and curiosity in me that I wasted no time in checking out the trailer first. And it was phenomenal to such an extent that I started binge watching the show with a lot of zeal. And thank God I took this decision as ZEE5 Originals Show Mentalhood ended up to be my favourite show.

Image source ZEE5

So, today I will tell you the 5 reasons why you should Binge Watch Mentalhood.

1. It is so Relatable: Mentalhood represents all the mothers out there. Irrespective of where they belong to, how many kids they have, every mother has to go through certain phases in life that has been shown so accurately in the show. So I am sure each and every mother would find it absolutely relatable. 

2. The Performances: Mentalhood has some amazing star cast. My eyes could not move from any screen where Karisma Kapoor was there. She is so natural as the confused and pressurized mom Meira, that it does not ever look like she is portraying any other character but herself. Every time she was not on screen I wanted to see more of her. The other cast of Dino Morea, Sanjay Suri, Tilottama Shome, Sandhya Mridul and Shruti Seth were also casted perfectly and their performances truly did justice to the characters they were portraying.

3. The Dialogues: Mentalhood has some very relevant dialogues that are subtle, witty and sometimes quite hilarious. Dialogues like "Motherhood is a journey, full of life, peace and trust." or "Karo to Maro, Na Karo to bhi maro" truly speak of the expectation that is made from every parent. However, the one dialogue that stands out for me is , " Everyday is madness in a mom's life."

4. The Characters: Each and every character shown in Mentalhood has few shades in them. A strong and successful woman who appears to have a perfectly balanced life at work and home with loving kids, has some other story. Then there is the mom who shifts from a small town to a big city and struggles every moment to adjust with the fast and furious life. Then there is this single dad, who has to bear the responsibilities of a dad and mom too. The characters of the show are portrayed as real life individuals who we see everyday.

Image Source ZEE5

5. The Direction: Director Karishma Kohli has given us a truly entertaining and realistic show that will touch hearts, will take you to a wonderful journey of parenting in a very interesting way and will leave you with some memorable moments that you will cherish today and in future too. Kudos to her for bringing out the story of every mother and how they cope up with different things.

With a whopping 9.2 rating on IMDB, Mentalhood  on ZEE5 Originals surely has been successful to create a stir in the audiences. It is a truly pleasant experience to binge watch the show that can win every heart, no matter it is a mother's or not. 


  1. I have been binge watching zee5 series only during this corona offset. I feel, you just named the next series to binge watch for me. Thanks!

  2. Zee 5 shows are really very good! This show seems amazing! I will watch it!

  3. I will second you on every point that you have mentioned about this web series. It is amazing

  4. Now that we are in quarantine, binge watching is the only way to pass time. And this is an ideal show especially for moms.

  5. I have heard do much about mentalhood lately. I watched Karishma Kapoor's interview and believe me, she looked stunning
    What a comeback. Mentalhood will definitely strike a cord of every mother.

  6. This sounds very interesting! Adding it to my watchlist now!

  7. Now that you have made such a great recommendation, I will watch it. Looks like an interesting series for sure.

  8. Oh yes,Mentalhood was fun to watch. Quite true in a way. I can watch it again

  9. Sounds interesting 😊 will sure checkout...👍

  10. I watched Mentalhood after seeing it being recommended by so many of my blogger friends. Really enjoyed it.

  11. This is one series I'm truly excited to watch. Your review is good and making me start soon.

  12. I am already hooked too Zee5 because of Mentalhood, its so much me story. I love it

  13. Saw the trailer. Indeed Mentalhood webseries takes us to rollercoaster ride of parenting. Excited to watch Karisma Kapoor.

  14. I agree with all the reasons you had shared here. yes the story line is so close to our mommy life and all the actors has performed so well in the series. though my favorite is Karsihma and shruti seth's characters.

  15. I have been addicted to this series, and I love Karishma's characher! So very very relatablble.

  16. I am already watching this must tell it's worth watching and the story of every mother... Must tell altbalaji has come up with a new nice subject

  17. I rather like Karishma Kapoor and would definitely like to watch this show for the full on entertainment value

  18. Completely agree this show is so relatable to each family. It has well captured the essence of parenting in each aspect and loving the strong star cast.

  19. This seems like an awesome series. Waiting to watch it since a while now. Lemme check it out.

  20. I think it's quite relatable to our life, I mean the mom's life. I'd definitely watch this. I think it will be a great fan to watch.

  21. Mentalhood series is so entertaining and related to our life that I have subscribed to it.

  22. Maine ek hi sitting me puri series dekhi, kitni related n real n shocking bhi hai na 👍👍

  23. I watched this show yesterday only and I must say it's so real and relatable to our lives. The performances are also great.

  24. i found this web series pretty compelling and relatable. watched it this week.

  25. Zee5 series are good option to watch while we are at home during lock down. This series would be good for mothers

  26. Zee5 has lot of option to watch series. I would watch this series too soon.

  27. Karisma Kapoor looks Lovely in her beautiful simple dresses but wish she was not so skinny. A little chubbiness would have made her look more beautiful.
    The series is good to watch, a good effort with good acting and direction.

  28. Im excited to watch Karisma Kapoor after a long time. The modern parenting with a touch of humour sounds intriguing

  29. This definitely sounds interesting! I checked out the trailer and it was funny. I quite like the actors cast in this show, it will surely be a powerful series.

  30. The series sounds so interesting and relatable to watch. zee5 series are always nice.


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