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How to keep your toilet smelling good with Poo de Cologne?

Hello my beautifuls, today I will be sharing about something very new, a one of a kind product that has hit the Indian market currently and it is called Poo De Cologne. Poo De Cologne is India's 1st before you do no. 2 toilet spray.

What is Poo De Cologne?

Poo De Cologne is a one of a kind toilet spray that needs to be used before using the toilet for poo. The specially formulated product masks all bad odour with its wonderful aroma. The user is saved from any sort of embarrassment that can be caused due to bad smelling loo after using it.

Price: Rs. 555 for 120 ml

Packaging: Poo De Cologne comes in a white bottle with a pump dispenser that is secured with a plastic cap. 

5 Variants of Poo De Cologne:

Poo De Cologne is available in 5 variants:

I. Poopsie Daisie: Floral romantic notes
II. Poop Essentials: Woody, Citrusy, sweet & fresh notes
III. Mask A Poo: Eucalyptus and Grapfruit
IV. Poops A Lot: Peppermint, Lime & Rosemary
V. Pooparazzi: Citrusy Bergamot & Lemongrass

Where can you get Poo De Cologne?

Poo De Cologne Toilet Spray is available on their website and on Amazon here

How does Poo De Cologne work? 

Poo De Cologne is made with 100% essential oils and is devoid of any alcohol, gas or aerosol. 

Steps  to use Poo De Cologne:

1. Choose your preferred Poo de Cologne variant 
2. Spray 5-6 pumps of Poo De Cologne onto the toilet bowl directly before you use it.
3. The essential oils cover the toilet bowl water forming a barrier
4. Use the toilet
5. The toilet smells amazing
6. Leave tension free

Who Can use Poo De Cologne?

Practically any self aware human being can use Poo De Cologne. However, it will be essential for :

1. Office goers
2. Public toilet users
3. Those living in hostels
4. College goers
5. Those living in joint families
6. Travellers
7. Shared accommodation users

My Experience with Poo de Cologne

I have been using Poo De Cologne for sometime now and I can proudly say that it was a right decision to include it in my daily hygiene care needs. Poo De Cologne toilet spray can save one from really tricky situations where in an emergency we have to use shared toilet spaces in offices or while attending a party or function. It is a wise decision if we carry a bottle of Poo De Cologne inside our handbag and use it whenever there is a need to use the toilet. 


 Final verdict:

I am glad to have found Poo De Cologne and I want to recommend it to all of you for your daily hygiene requirement.

To know more about Poo De Cologne, you can check their Instagram Page or Facebook Page or can buy it from here

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  1. Yes keeping the toilets with good fresh smell is a challenging task. Its good that this spray keeps the toilets smell good. I usually use an air freshener but I will try to get this one and see how it works.

  2. This looks like a good option to keep bathrooms from stinking. Good to know this could be an alternative to air freshener which we normally use

  3. I heard first time about this product. And the product looks so promising. Toilet fresheners are one of the most important household items that one must have. I always use Godrej Aer Power but I will use this for sure.

  4. I had seen ur Insta post & now blog have complete details. Yes, I always keep it in my bag.

  5. We have kept some phenyl tablets in tbe bathroom. But this product seems to have good fragrance. I will give this one a try.

  6. This brand is new to me but I am really impressed with the ingredients. Will surely bring this at home for hygiene care.

  7. I never heard about this product, this is new for me but should amazing and interesting.

  8. First off, the name itself is so funny and interesting! I would definitely buy this product just for the name! Thank you for sharing your review!
    Noor Anand Chawla

  9. Hygiene is definitely a top priority for me and this product sounds very interesting. I love the packaging

  10. This product is a life saver! It's been almost a year that I have used any public toilet but definitely using this after I start stepping out.

  11. This sounds like a really innovative and unique product. This would be of real value and more so when traveling where one needs to use public toilets.

  12. I am definitely ordering this product as I am not a huge fan of the phenyl balls that my wife purchases for getting rid of the bathroom odour.

  13. I had never heard of the name till I read your review. Look like a great product. I normally use a room freshener in bathroom as well. will try this one next time

  14. Bathrooms are loved when they smell good. I would love to try this for my home as well and have beautiful and lingering fragrance.

  15. Must use product especially when we visit public toilets and when we travel. It’s really very innovative and much needed!

  16. As of now fragrance gels work for my bathrooms but this product has got my attention and it's the name that has got my attention. Surely buying it.

  17. This is a new and never-heard-of-before product. I Love a bathroom smelling good before using it, and I'd like to leave it smelling good after using it. Going to try this one. I like the name too Poo De Cologne. :D


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